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A new era of advertising and marketing is upon us and not a moment too soon. A fluctuating economy, global competition, and digital technology that's evolving at warp speed have all contributed to a need for luxury brands to focus on adding more depth to their brand image and how it is communicated to their customers.


"In order to thrive in today's marketplace, luxury brands need to look at how they can create a more compelling and authentic brand experience for their customers," says Kevin Downey, executive creative director and partner at VIEW in New York City. "Ad agencies that understand the luxury landscape have the tools and strategies to help clients develop brand applications that resonate with consumers."


The ultimate brand experience combines superior service with engaging communication that make customers feel like they belong to that company's tribe. "Our extensive research shows that, when this is successfully accomplished, the customer seeks out that brand for a social experience that is gratifying at every level," explains Downey."


Luxury companies should take a look at some of the most successful business models in cultivating a total brand experience," says Downey. He cites Ralph Lauren and The Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts as among the leaders in delivering on the key touch-points in capturing and retaining customer loyalty.


Ad agencies are by definition expert at building brands. But those that have luxury and retail expertise possess a unique understanding of what is required to create a memorable brand experience. "And in today's marketplace, luxury brands need every advantage open to them to bring about customer satisfaction and loyalty," says Downey.


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